The Light for the Peoples was founded in Sweden in 1903 by the Swedish missionary Nils Fredrik Höijer. Today Light for the Peoples works in the CIS, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Mongolia and China.

Light for the Peoples is an evangelical organization, and its board members and staff are members of a variety of churches. Light for the Peoples is financed solely by gifts from individuals and churches. Since 1903, the Light for the Peoples has distributed millions of Bibles, New Testaments, portions of the gospel and Christian books in the East.

The primary aim of Light for the Peoples is that the gospel will be preached to all peoples. We give priority to the following groups of people:

– Unreached people groups, ethnic groups with a common language and no indigenous viable church movement.
– Persecuted Christians.

Our main work

– Bibles and literature
We give priority to people without the Bible translated into their language. We produce and distribute literature for children and young people, theological and evangelical material and information about missions, in many languages.
– Missionaries
We provide and support missionaries, mainly nationals, in the CIS, Eastern Europe, Turkey, Mongolia and China.
– Education and training
We provide seminars and Mission schools in all the above mentioned areas.
– Film and radio programs
We support the production of Christian radio programs and videos to unreached people groups.
– Adopting an unreached people
We help churches and organisations to adopt an unreached people group. We also want to encourage sister churches in West and East to adopt an unreached people group together.
– Providing emergency aid
We provide aid in the form of food, clothing and medical items.
– Providing information

Light for the Peoples visits churches, schools and conferences in Sweden and provides information about the situation in the East. Light for the Peoples publishes the Swedish magazine ”Ljus i Öster” 8 times a year.

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